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Collaborative European Technology Platform for innovation


Synergy of know-hows

Collaborative projects

▶  Technology innovation
▶  Territorial attractiveness
▶  SMEs competitiveness

Applications & devices

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    Cristal Innov is positioned on three strategic activities:
  • 1/ High-performance piezoelectric crystal products (wafers, resonators, substrates for sensors…)
  • 2/ Technology services (hard materials cutting, characterization…) and intellectual services (study on piezoelectric materials)
  • 3/ A technological platform for partnership innovation on products and processes (e.g., pilot line to increase the size of crystals)

Producing and shaping its own crystals, Cristal Innov guarantees the quality and traceability of its products from the raw material, using an ISO 9001 approach.

Drawing on this expertise, Cristal Innov offers its know-how through a range of services, including oriented cutting and characterization.

This platform activity generates continuous resourcing from the laboratories and optimal conditions for partnership development projects with companies (SMEs, industrial manufacturers, start-ups).


Cristal Innov’s platform activity is positioned as a facilitator and accelerator of technology innovation in the sector of crystals and processes.
Bridging the gap between technologies from laboratories and the innovation potential of companies requires a set of services benefiting from a state-of-the-art technological environment. In addition to premises and equipment, Cristal Innov also provides the animation of the crystal industry and supports the setting up of collaborative projects.

This partnership-based R&D&I model is particularly virtuous for start-ups and SMEs which often lack the resources to develop and industrialize technological innovations.

logo Claude Bernard University Lyon 1logo Claude Bernard University Lyon 1

Led by the Claude Bernard University of Lyon 1 in consortium with industrial manufacturers, supported by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region and local authorities, the platform is a key part of the regional and national innovation ecosystem, with a growing attractiveness in Europe.

Projects hosting

Located in a 7,000 m² high-tech building equipped with clean rooms and modular cubicles, Cristal Innov provides customized spaces with industrial facilities.

Configurations can be adapted according to profiles: laboratories, start-ups, SMEs and industrial groups,

And according to the uses:
scale-up of growth technologies for growth,
pilot line installation,
development of innovative equipment,
industrialization of processes.

Confidentiality, security, and environment are part of the platform’s culture and are taken into account in all our offers.


Covering the entire technology chain, Cristal Innov industrial machinery for crystal growth, cutting, orientation, polishing and characterization. Most of the growth and cutting technologies are present on site, see Technology link

Depending on the option taken, the equipment is used by Cristal Innov to carry out services. Part of this equipment can be allocated to a particular project or accessible by Cristal Innov members.


The pooling of resources is at the heart of the platform’s operation. SMEs and project leaders thus have access to certain equipment and can then either use a synthesis furnace for the duration of a project, access particularly expensive characterization equipment or test an innovative technology.

The success of this collaborative dynamic continued with the creation up of a technological FabLab which was set up to produce prototypes of innovative products.


Counting more than 50 members and partners, Cristal Innov federates and animates the community of industrial manufacturers, laboratories and service providers working in the crystal sectors.

Being critical components for system performance, these high-quality materials are strategic for national sovereignty and are present in components for aerospace, defense, medical, optics or telecom.