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Cristal innov

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Fields of application

Time measuring accuracy is a strategic issue for the space industry.
Cristal Innov develops a range of components for ultra-stable, more compact and radiation resistant quartz clocks.
In aeronautics, safety is a challenge and a source of innovation.
Cristal Innov offers materials for sensors and accelerometers that can resist in harsh environments, at more than 500 °C. Wired or wireless sensors, integration of the active component on MEMS: the innovation potential is high.
More environment and health-friendly materials, such as lead-free crystals for ultrasound probes.
Innovative biosensors for reagentless diagnosis using quartz microbalance.
Hard material precision micro-machining.
Quartz wafers are mainly used in defense strategic areas of navigation and timing.
The DGA (French defense procurement agency), which supports Cristal Innov, is also interested in the disruptive innovations developed on the platform.